Wanna try something incredibly unique and stylish? Wanna Kill two birds with one stone? You are just one step away, plan a trip to Niagara Falls and get a perfect opportunity to enjoy some great shopping with beautiful sightseeing. Lina Vasilev, the founder of the brand name VOINstyle, is going to have a partnership with Settlement Boutique for the first time in Canada. Settlement Boutique will be the first official VOINstyle retail store in Canada. All styles and sizes for you to browse thought before you find your best pair to buy.
Thinking why in Canada? Because European brands have unique and very different stuff as compare to the stores in Canada and one loves that uniqueness and variety. So, I felt that there is a need of different and unique stuff for people in Canada because they are bound on buying only limited brands. There should be some variety in products for customers.


Did you get your product delivered on time? Unlike other online shopping brands, which do not come up to expectations, overselling their products and shipping the products a lot later, we will be focusing on, in time delivery. ‘VOINstyle.ca and Settlement Boutique’ are both shipping for all North America. Our primary focus is our customer satisfaction. For that we have decided to provide you following services

  • On time fast delivery
  • Best service
  • Amazing quality
  • Sturdy finish
  • Incredibly unique & stylish

With the help of experienced staff which is accurate and responsible for the customers to deliver the products on time and without any damage. We are for our commitments.